We welcome organised groups
of tourists, groups from kindergartens and schools 

on our mini-shows of confectionery production with hands-on workshops. During the show, we explain the whole production process, from the moment of pouring caramel into the stone table, through adding flavours and colours (ONLY NATURAL FOOD DYES), >
to packaging the ready products.
Group members can even take the opportunity to become a confectioner for a while and make their own, classic-shaped lollipops.

The workshops take place in our Manufacture before opening hours
o godz. 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30
however, bookings outside of these scheduled sessions are also possible, by arrangement.
With groups of 25 participants, the session lasts about 40-45 minutes.

During the workshops, children personally make their own large lollipops of fruity flavour and, additionally, they receive a 100g package of fruit candies each plus a Diploma of Little Confectioner Academy for the group  

Cost per person: 15zł
Wrocław ul. Szewska 27-27a - Minimum number of participants: 15
Wrocław Rynek Ratusz 25 - Minimum number of participants: 5 
Poznań ul. Wrocławska 12 - Minimum number of participants: 15

Christmas offer
Cost per person 20zł
Własnoręczne wykonanie lizaka + opakowanie 100g miks owocowy + karmelowy aniołek

You are sweetly welcome to book your own session!

"Z powodu obostrzeń związanych z Covid-19 organizacja warsztatów czekoladowych została tymczasowo zawieszona. Mamy nadzieję, że sytuacja epidemiczna jak najszybciej ulegnie znacznej poprawie i będziemy mogły powrócić z naszą czekoladową ofertą."