The sweet caramel adventure and sweet magic of two sisters - Aneta and Magdalena - had its beginning in 2010. Aneta, mother of Julcia and Gabrysia, and Magdalena, mother of Milenka, Hania and Hubert, desired to fuse their earlier passion of hand crafting with affection for confection and to start their own business.
The beginnings were not easy, in "tranquil" home atmosphere, with a bunch of children running around, they were cooking tons of sugar for the first lollipop to come into existence. It was neither pretty nor tasty, but it wad HANDMADE (it can be seen at the Manufacture) and gave so much joy, that the sisters decided to continue their work on recipe improvement, so as to meet high expectations of their little home gourmets - merciless testers. Sugar was generally available all over the house, joyfully appreciated by the kiddies. When in March 2011 the recipe was ready, the sisters decided to open their own Wrocław Candy and Lollipop Manufacture. The phase of coming up with the right name for the enterprise was quite long, to, finally, become Sweet Abracadabra, which defined the whole passion behind the magic of confectionery crafting.
Searching for the appropriate place for the Manufacture took two months. It was to be a very special location. The two sisters chose Szewska Street, just near the Market Square in Wrocław, which has a rare status of Home Zone, meaning it is not available for use by vehicles, children may be able to play legally and safely and where pedestrians have priority over a tram passing by now and again or even over the cyclists...although not everybody knows about it...but there were also other attributes of the site inclining the two sisters to realise their sweet passion there. Just the opposite the Manufacture there are little arcades, where you can shelter in case of unexpected rain, while waiting for the workshop, or children can also play when the weather is fine; almost in front of the entrance there is a playground, where children can safely wait if they arrive before time. The place itself also had to meet other requirements, apart from the technical, it was very important for the sisters for it to be bright and spacious enough, even for numerous groups of guests. Finally, the two sisters found the right place. Yet, it still was not easy - the holiday season in offices seemed to last endlessly.
After a few-month renovation, the first manufacture in Lower Silesia - SWEET ABRACADABRA - was opened, undoubtedly, as a kind of novelty to Sanepid ( Sanitary and Epidemiological Station), for whom the first mini show was organised. In September 2011, the door was wide open for all foodies.
The two sisters had enough time then to get used to candy lovers observing their work, to finally, on the 2nd of October 2011 open the Manufacture officially. These were the beginnings of Big Sweet Adventure, which lasts to this day. Everyday, the Manufacture is visited by little and big gourmets, who want to see how confectionery is produced and to have a go at rolling and forming their own lollipop, by tourists who want to discover "the magic taste of Wrocław" but also by the citizens of Wrocław, who appreciated the exceptional sweet treats reminding them of tastes of childhood...
Thank you all very much,
Aneta & Magda